A look inside DJ LADY S’s summer moments.

I’ve joined Lady S once more during her summertour. From hometown Antwerp to her residency at Gangstar Ibiza, we’ve been trough – and captured – some of the best moments of 2018. Watch the video below for yourself.                              Instagram: @djladys

One time in Ibiza with DJ Lady S

So I get this phone call if I’m available next week. Ibiza? Yes I’m available. For the second year I’ve been following Lady S during her annual summertour. So here’s a little Ibiza recap to set the tone. ps: The full “Summer Tour 2018” is coming as well anytime soon.

SLICES ep. I starring Daili Perez

I’ve decided to do a little video-short series called Slices. No. I actually intended to do a casting video with Daili but it ended up being this. So yes… like a slice, light & snackable content. Episode I starring Daili Perez.

Mediterranean views w/ Amber

    Yes…! I’m back since my little adventure in Jerusalem. Actually right after I flew to Malta. I still need to check with the embassy if I’m ever allowed back in Israël. Not that I’m planning for now, but the Dead Sea brings you inner peace as it should be. Maybe I’ll go back…